We Interview ‘Girl Of Your Dreams’ Singer Dylan

The 22-year-old artist talks burnout, Ed Sheeran and writing an intentionally “pick me” song. Since Dylan released her EP Purple in 2019, she has written a body of songs that balance the evocative imagery and bluntness of today’s hits with the power of 80s rock. This summer, Dylan (whose real name is Tash Woods) stuffed her calendar with a rush of international performances. Amid her travels to Lollapalooza and the Latitude Festival, the Suffolk-born singer also supported Ed Sheeran on tour, i

Check Out These Sustainable Products To Reduce Your Waste

According to the UN Environment Programme, humans globally produce approximately 400 million tons of plastic waste each year. While corporations are a major contributor to this pattern of environmental negligence, there are adjustments you can make to decrease your individual waste. Purchasing sustainable products can help combat our tendency to discard half-used or plastic-riddled items. Here are some sustainable products that you should check out. Many of us turn to plastic Ziploc baggies for

Doja Cat Decided To Shave Her Head And Hasn't Looked Back Since

Doja Cat has always taken an authentic approach to social media, frequently posting goofy and up-close selfies. That authenticity reached a new height, however, when she shaved her eyebrows on Instagram Live–after debuting her newly-shaved head. On August 5, the “Say So” rapper and singer explained that she “never liked having hair.” She elaborated that during workouts, her wigs would slide and peel off amid strenuous reps, distracting her from exercising. Now, the Grammy award winner said on I

The Best Athleisure Products To Check Out

Activewear used to be reserved for sprints on your local trail or those 6-AM gym trips. However, athleisure has transformed into a wardrobe essential that can be worn regardless of your current activity. After all, nothing compares to the ease of pulling on a quarter zip and pair of flared leggings when your alarm chimes before the sun has risen. Instead of suggesting items you may already own, this list recommends athleisure products from unfamiliar or undervalued brands (sorry Lululemon). Here

Your Favorite Sundae Topping Has Turned Into...Sunscreen?

Whether you have shaken a Reddi-Wip can at 2 AM, dived into a diner sundae or enjoyed first-day-of-school pancakes, whipped cream carries some of our sweetest memories. Inspired by this dessert staple, sunscreen brand Vacation wanted to create a product that both mimics the playful experience of propelling out a mound of foam and offers sun production. Say hello to Classic Whip SPF 30, Vacation’s latest revolutionary sunscreen. Classic Whip’s packaging could have been retrieved from the grainy

Underrated Things To Do In London

London is one of Europe’s largest cities, yet many tourists glue themselves to Westminster. Though Big Ben, Westminster Bridge and Buckingham Palace hold intricate columns and arches that you may only see once in your lifetime, limiting yourself to those attractions will exclude some of the best things to do in London. For hidden gems and local spots, here is a guide to London’s underrated destinations. Find Italy in the heart of England with Little Venice London’s canals don’t stretch across

Say Goodbye To Cheetah Print And Hello To Cow Print Nails

Perhaps we can thank Doja Cat’s hit “MOOO!” for the hoard of cow print that rattled 2019. While some pulled from the 90s and styled cow print jackets with straight-leg jeans, others opted for a sleek look by pairing cow print skirts with fitted turtlenecks—the fashion world stretched this trend’s limits. Now, cow print has evolved into its next iteration: cow print nails. For a break from the classic cheetah or leopard print, check out these cow print designs—the playful twist on polka dots tha

Millie Bobby Brown's Latest Nail Look Speaks To Gen Z Fashion

Gen Z used the past two years to fall in love with Y2K fashion–pleated mini skirts, micro sunglasses and baby tees embolden the teens of today. And our favorite Gen Z celeb Millie Bobby Brown shares her generation’s love of the aesthetic. While the Stranger Things star has worn countless 2000-inspired outfits (the purple, feather-lined top she sported on The Tonight Show is a classic example), Millie recently debuted a Y2K nail look at the Samsung 2022 Galaxy Creators Lounge Event. Though her n

10 Outfits Inspired By Stranger Things

After nearly three years of anticipation, the fourth season of Stranger Things dropped on Netflix with a rush of rolling red clouds, questionable bowl cuts and D&D mischief. The released episodes only comprised season four’s “volume one,” however, with the remaining volume set to debut on July 1, 2022. So as you blast Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill,” enjoy this list of outfits inspired by Stranger Things to tide you over until July. Important Note: While this article contains only minor spoi

Keke Palmer Speaks For Anyone Who Has Adult Acne With This Post

Having a crop of pimples pop up the night before picture day is a hallmark of adolescence. Eventually, we learn to cringe and laugh at those former-self photos, rejoicing in the clear skin that accompanies adulthood. But for those of us who grapple with adult acne, uneven skin can be a great source of insecurity. In another celebrities-are-just-like-us moment, Keke Palmer got candid about her own adult-acne struggles. The Nope star took to Instagram to quip about a gap in the cosmetic surgery i

Get A Collagen Boost With This Vegan Alternative To Collagen Supplements

Wellness creators’ daily routines and meals swarm our social media pages. Whether they film salt-dusted avocado toast, java-fueled jogs or freshly-made beds, one thing consistently runs through their posts. Collagen supplements. According to Healthline, collagen is the body’s most abundant protein, influencing bone strength and skin elasticity. Naturally, certain animal-derived foods (like pork skin, gelatin and bone broth) contain collagen. Healthline suggests that collagen supplements could p

Soap Brows: How A Bar Of Soap Took Over The Beauty World

Long gone are the days of boxy, 2016 eyebrows. A feathering, fluffy style has become the latest brow buzz, and with the help of an unlikely home supply, you can create this gelled-up look out home. Whip out a spoolie and a bit of soap, and get ready for soap brows. Perhaps the trend’s simplicity has contributed to its success. On TikTok, thousands of creators have demonstrated their guide to perfecting soap brows, noting that anyone can achieve a chic look without splurging on expensive product

How To Spend A Day In NYC

Avoid Times Square, the Empire State Building and other tourist traps, and stick to what makes NYC great. Spending a day in NYC may prevent you from experiencing all the sites and spots the city offers, but you can still embrace the New York experience by sticking to a jam-packed itinerary. Here are some destinations that should make the cut if you’re seeing New York City in 12 hours. Chances are, if you take a train to New York City, you’ll arrive at Grand Central Station. A destination in its

5 Online Thrifting Apps You Should Try

Perhaps you’re searching for sustainable clothing at a discounted price. Maybe you prefer supporting small businesses over corporations. Perhaps you just want to see what thrifting is all about. Whatever your reason for online thrift shopping, we hope these five thrifting apps will help in your search for secondhand clothing. If you’ve heard of any thrifting app it’s probably Depop. With over 30 million users worldwide, from influences to your local community thrifters, Depop offers countless o

10 Restaurants In Philly To Try This Summer

After ambling past the LOVE sculpture, hammocking in Spruce Street Harbor Park and perhaps catching the last innings of a Phillies game, you’re probably searching for the best restaurants in Philly. Though the city’s historic landmarks and 99 museums often attract tourists, Philadelphia also holds one of the greatest food scenes in the U.S–and no, that does not just include Philly cheesesteaks. Navigating the number of options can be challenging for tourists and locals alike, but I hope this li

Billie Has A Plan For Reducing Body-Hair Stigma

At some point in your early adolescence, you first held the stigma for body hair. Perhaps someone presented it to you in a box, filled with advice on what it really means to be a man and woman. Maybe a commercial flickered past you as you ate a bowl of cereal. Perhaps a gymnasium’s jeers taught you not to make the same mistake that others did. The expectations surrounding body hair will not be splintered easily. However, Billie (a body care and razor brand) hopes to at least reduce the stigma.

10 Staple Items You Need In Your Closet

Avoiding trends is now the trendiest choice of all, and viral tops of fleeting fame are being disregarded by shoppers. But as the term capsule wardrobe becomes more mainstream, some are starting to question which staple items should actually make the cut. While those faux leather pants can pair well with most garments, are they guaranteed to be stylish in two years? Though staple items differ from person to person, here are some of the top staple items we think you should consider for your own

Fall Shoes You Need To Check Out

Say goodbye to boring fall shoes. While there’s nothing wrong with the classic ankle boot, sometimes your fall wardrobe could use a bit more spirit and experimentation. As a transitional season, fall offers an opportunity to venture away from that pair of brown boots; sandals can be worn during mild Octobers, and socks can be paired with slip-on shoes for crisper mornings. Both gemstone colors like emerald and bold red or neutral pallets pair well with fall garments. Read on for the fall shoes m

Halsey Introduces About-Face's Younger Sibling: AF94

Halsey has not traversed 2022 quietly. The year has been a surge of makeup success; her brand About-Face arrived at Ulta Beauty stores, the Matte Fluid Eye Paint enjoyed continued success and she launched the "Saturation Nation" collection. Now, the “So Good” singer is adding to their list of accomplishments this year with the introduction of a new makeup line: af94. Described by Halsey on Instagram as About-Face’s “cute and bratty younger sibling,” af94 focuses on affordability and encourages

The Best Fashion Instagrams To Follow

Many turn to Instagram for fashion inspiration, employing the explore page to find outfit ideas for specific occasions or ways to style particular items. However, social media users tend to crowd around the same fashion Instagrams. The likes of Hailey Bieber and Bella Hadid have millions of followers and even celebrities without a passion for fashion gain thousands of views. Celebrities often direct trends and are backed by knowledgeable designers, but only following the most popular accounts n
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